PANASONIC Induction Heat Rice Cooker SR-HZ106K
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Made in Japan

Capacity: 5.5 Cup

5 Layers of Induction Heat - Even heating from all directions ensures heat is distributed evenly throughout the pot to reach every grain of rice. Every grain is cooked efficiently with high heat, drawing out delicious full flavor.

7 Layers Diamond Copper Inner Pan - Hard coated diamond inner layers is more scratch resistance. Copper plated outer layer is made for induction heating in that the entire pot essentially becomes the heating element.

12Hrs Keep warm function

16 Easy pre-set meuns - Cook rice, porridge, brown rice, multi-grain, "bake cake" and steam with Panasonic's stylish IH rice cooker

One-touch inner lid

Keep warm 12 hour at 700W. Heater power 1200W

16 pre-set programs including: white rice, brown rice, sticky rice, quick, porridge, steam, slow cook/soup, cake/bread, jasmine rice, multigrain rice, quinoa

  • Item #: 10004608
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic

PANASONIC Induction Heat Rice Cooker SR-HZ106K

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