Luminarc Amberline Casserole Set 2L
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Made in France

Luminarc’s been providing great quality tableware for households that is resistant to shock and is able to with stand heat while cooking. The Amberline Vitroflam comes with a lid to store the heat within the bowl and is made out of non porous materials to prevent buildup of microorganisms.

Cook it and serve it
The Amberline Vitroflam by Luminarc is a versatile product. Families are able to take advantage of its tempered body and simply cook their meals directly on the stove. It can be placed on the stove, hotplate, oven or grill, as well as the loyal microwave. Once the dish is set, serves your family or guests right off the bat.

Tempered, for heat and shock resistance
Like most of Luminarcs’ products, they have undergone rigorous manufacturing process, and it has gone through thermal treatment to ensure and improve its thermal resistance. Furthermore, tempered products are also resistant to numerous shocks, reducing the chances of it being chipped.

Dishwasher safe
All the products from Luminarc can be placed into the dishwasher. They’ve made sure their tableware and its decorative patterns placed on it are not washed off after cleaning. Each test has been taken to another level to overcome the standard household usage.

Cleaner, healthier
Look after the entire family by encouraging the usage of hygienic products. Hygiene is vital whenever food is involved. Majority of the products by Luminarc are made of materials that are non porous, hence reducing the growth of microorganisms that may linger after washing.
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Luminarc Amberline Casserole Set 2L

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