Joyoung Mini Health Pot, Tea Maker, K08-WY601U, 0.8L
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  • It is light and compact but has complete functions. It can handle soup, porridge and tea with one button, and is suitable for office and other scenes.
  • Its time-adjusting and warm-keeping function allows you to cook at will, and enjoy warm drinks at any time
  • It has a large portion of 800ml for one person, so you can enjoy your time alone
  • It has a memory of 60S to lift the pot, and there is no need to reset it when you lift the pot in the middle
  • Its spout has a precision filter screen that can be removed at any time and is easy to clean
  • Its wide-mouth pot lid makes it more convenient to add materials in the middle, and it is more effective to prevent overflow when opening the lid.

  • Item #: 10001104
  • Manufacturer: Joyoung
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: K08-WY601U

Joyoung Mini Health Pot, Tea Maker, K08-WY601U, 0.8L

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