Joyoung DJ10U-K1/ K61 Multi-Functional Soy milk Maker, 4-in-1
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  • 【Four-in-one Multifunction】Dual language control panel, Bringing different experiences to users, Soy milk Maker, Coffee Maker, Juice Maker, Water Kettle. One machine can meet multiple needs of the customer
  • 【Fully automatic cleaning】The first soy milk machine with automatic cleaning function , say goodbye to the troubles of the normal cleaning soy milk inner blender. It is time to enjoy the meal and family time
  • 【No filter needed】The speed reaches 20,000 rpm, the soy milk is without residues. No filtration, which make the taste more delicate. Make a chance to enjoy the better soymilk
  • 【Multiple Capacity】300/500/800/1000ml. Multiple capacity can reach the different need of the family. Whatever for the single serve, couple serve or family serve
  • 【Preset Function】3-12 hour preset function. It can help you for pre-set at night for breakfast the next day; Pre-set at night for warm water the next morning; Pre-set in the morning for lunch at noon; Pre-set before leaving home for dessert after work

  • Product Dimension: W165x D360x H420 mm
  • Made in: China
  • Item #: DJ10U-K
  • Manufacturer: Joyoung

Joyoung DJ10U-K1/ K61 Multi-Functional Soy milk Maker, 4-in-1

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