HONEYWELL Tower Surround Heat® Ceramic Heater HZ-430C
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Dimensions: 10.12 x 10.08 x 19.69 in

The Honeywell HZ-430 Surround Heat® Ceramic Heater uses Energy Smart™ technology, which regulates electricity flow based on temperature for precise temperature control and energy savings.

Choose 360° whole-room heat OR 180° personal heat

Digital LED lights show current room temperature and desired temperature

Energy usage indicator shows amount of energy used

High & Low fan speeds

Programmable thermostat

1-8 hour auto-off timer

Cool-touch handle

360° SafetyTip™ shuts heater off if tipped in any direction

Overheat Protection Device

Extra-Wide Sturdy Base

  • Package Dimension(LWH) and Weight: 25.5*25.5*50cm, 3.2kg
  • Item #: 10001248
  • Manufacturer: Honeywell

HONEYWELL Tower Surround Heat® Ceramic Heater HZ-430C

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