BALLARINI Bologna Frying Pan 24cm 75000-632
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Made in Italy
The Bologna non-stick granitium fry pan features an ergonomic heat insulating soft touch handles for a perfect grip and the Thermopoint which indicates when the fry pan has reached the optimum frying temperature.

Ballarini Cookware is made in the culinary epicenter of Europe. Ballarini's products have been tested and recommended by some of the top kitchens in Italy.
Ideal for healthy cooking with out use of oil or butter.
High temperature resistant external finish, easy to clean.
Non-stick coatings of superior quality and extremely long lasting.
Dish-washer safe. Oven proof up to 160°C.
Gas | Electricity Ring| Electricity | Radiant Plate| Induction
  • Item #: 10004328
  • Manufacturer: Ballarini

BALLARINI Bologna Frying Pan 24cm 75000-632

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